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    WMG Incubator/Venture Builder for ambitious clean transport start-ups

    WMG Incubator/Venture Builder: Funded by the High Value Manufacturing Catapault, the centre will help create technology driven businesses by supporting ideas and concepts from a wide range of partners. With expert support for the right entrepreneurs.
    The incubator will provide a range of workshops, technical and business model support and guidance to kick start your business. The wide international network of WMG and the University of Warwick will provide support partners and resources to enable the growth and success of the start-ups incubated.

    Growth Hacking Workshops - Business Model Design sprints.

    Support with Pivoting to more fruitful markets and applications:
    Market Identification and analysis.

    Fully Equipped facilities, Machine shop, 3D Printers, CAD, Deep learning, Electronics lab, Rasberry Pi, Ardinuo support. - Application testing and market development.

    Innovating for Markets in Engineering, Automotive, healthcare, retail, etc. - Developing Solutions for Global Marketplace.

    Concept to Model - Prototype Yourself to Profit.

    To contact the Incubator/Venture Builder team at the Lord Bhattacharyya Building : [email protected], Tel: 024 76524290

    Decorative Concrete and the fading art of Article Spinning

    Some CCM members have asked about article publication services they’ve been pitched and I’ve heard a top UK ‘Internet Marketing Expert’ promote ‘article spinning’. So I decided to gather some real data.

    concrete stamping pattern

    One of my clients, decorative concrete specialists, Dekorbeton , supply textured concrete stamping & overlay products. Based in Istanbul they hired English experts to keep their English language site content accurate with the correct navigation and tags etc. Their web experts also offered to create and publish featured links and specialist articles as an additional service. This lined up with a number of the carefully crafted services that I had seen offered.

    The ‘internet marketing expert’, above, recommended a few good high quality links and loads of poor ones, the more the merrier.

    PageRank Analysis by Market Samurai

    When I investigated the in-links to I found this pattern, see the Market Samurai report summary, right. I drilled down to find their article content in sites such as EzineArticles and Articles3000. I followed 8 such sites providing 170 links, all from the 0/10 column. Now Google don’t provide comprehensive in-link data so I use Yahoo’s excellent SiteExplorer. Market Samurai’s tool does too then merging Google’s Pagerank data. So not every PR 0 link is in the Google index. I sampled 52 of the 170 article links to find that only 17 were indexed by Google! So 2/3 of these articles were a complete waste of time. (Based on 82% of Dekorbeton traffic coming from Google. Google’s search engine share was over 93%.)

    Some of the articles were very relevent on patios etc. and of good quality. Most used keywords in the link text such as ‘brick wall overlay but often these were down in the author’s details. Many were on vaguely related topics such as soft furnishings and hydroponics. I am grateful to the director at Dekorbeton giving permission to use their data. I also confirmed that her own efforts in adding comments and answers on blogs, forums and other Web2.0 sites had a far greater impact.

    You can read more about this over on the CCM Blog.

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    Contact address: 3rd Floor, International Institute of Product and Service Innovation, University of Warwick, Coventry, West Midlands, CV4 7AL, UK

    email: [email protected].

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