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  • Good Service & Advice wins Contracts for local Forklift Firm

    Hand pallet trucks inc scissor lift & high-lift trucksA small order for a single hand pallet truck helped build a relationship with a new customer that produced a valuable service contract despite the highly competitive, low margin, pallet truck business.

    I visited Brian Nealon of Bendigo Mitchell, a forklift specialist company in Kenilworth. He was very pleased with the improvements of their web presence but I was surprised when Brian went on to say.

    My greatest satisfaction has been in the rapid increase in hand pallet truck enquiries/orders since Rob has got involved with us.

    After years helping small businesses to attract their perfect, high value, customers I was surprised that Brian was so pleased with orders in a notoriously low-margin market!
    He told me two stories to explain why over on the CCM Blog.

    The other way that Brian is winning more visitors to his website is the introduction of strong expert guidance in the form of an FAQ section with regular articles. The latest article covers the choice between reach trucks and 3 wheel counterbalance trucks.

    Tanmill Cabs spins out and Grows with New Web-generated Sales

    Fortens Hyster with full soft canopy.
    John Richards has taken the specialised Forklift Cab business out from Tanmill Limited leaving them to concentrate on their core construction machine guards business. Tanmill Cabs were ready to launch their Yellow Pages listings but needed a webpage, email forwarding etc.

    Tanmill Cabs asked MAS-WM for help and they called in the CCM team. The domain name,
    Tanmill Cabs and email forwarding were set up immediately. Just having a well-titled domain started attracting visitors so a holding page with their address and three bullets were added. This basic page generated sales calls encourageing John to sort out his forklift photos and to create a product catalogue.

    With a little training John realised "This is quite straightforward. I can easily add new catalogue entries when I have photos of a different model of fork lift truck." One more problem remained with finding their premises with several Unit 5s on the local estate. A branded page on Google Local's Maps clarified the
    Tanmill Cabs Location and allowed visitors to easily generate directions.

    UKCCM Case Studies

    Duncan Blakemore, MD of Rojac.

    Rojac networks with the ABDN and gains additional staff

    Rojac Tooling Technologies were recently able to take on additional staff when unfortunately Shell-Mould Pattern Plate Co. (part of the HL Thorne & Co Ltd Group of Companies) of Tividale, West Midlands closed its doors after almost 70 years of trading, having been originally established in 1938.

    Duncan Blakemore (pictured left), Managing Director of Rojac says, “We are extremely busy, having worked hard to diversify our business and were very glad to take on three highly-skilled people who are very experienced,  especially in these times when it is so difficult to find high-quality people ”.

    Furthermore, Duncan says, “Rojac have received a number of enquiries for tooling from ABCD Plastics Ltd (also part of the HL Thorne Group of Companies) so we could also be gaining some additional business in the near future.  The AEA Network were a great help in brokering our now growing relationship with the HL Thorne Group of Companies to make all this possible”.
    Rojac Tooling Technologies specialise in the design and manufacture of mould tooling for a wide range of applications.  It does business with a diverse range of markets including aerospace, automotive, special effects, F1 and medical, specialising in large, five-axis CNC machining of composite, compression, PU, and RTM tooling, with the ability to take a product from development through to final production, large volume and prototypes. 

    Main Contact: Duncan Blakemore | Email:
    [email protected] | Website:

    ABCD Plastics Ltd are specialists in vacuum forming of large components and PU parts for automotive, caravan manufacture, transit media, construction equipment and many other sectors. 
    Its production capacity includes five computer controlled thermo-forming machines offering window plate sizes up to 4 metres by 2.5 metres, and trimming facilities with high-frequency 2 & 4 position rotary tables and 5 axis CNC machines with a cutting bed size of 4.1 metres by 2.5 metres.  Polyurethane production capacity includes multiple low and high pressure machines with material outputs up to 60 kg per minute.  It has two tracks for moulding of small polyurethane components (up to 1000gms) with capacity for up to 500,000 mouldings per year.  In addition, ABCD have capacity for up to 65,000 polyurethane mouldings up to 15kgs from stand alone tooling.

    Main Contact: Paul Tulloch, Business Development Manager | Email:
    [email protected]

    Member wins £100,000 of new orders

    Group picture at Edwards Precision Engineering, from right to left - Dr. Mark Swift (UKCCM), Steve Baxter (Acutec Ltd), Chris Pitt (Edwards Precision Engineering).
    The UKCCM has secured more than £100,000 of new orders for a leading West Midlands manufacturer.

    The latest company to benefit is Edwards Precision Engineering Ltd of
    Tyburn Road, Erdington. Recognised as one of the largest and most experienced specialist engineering and subcontract toolmakers in the UK, Edwards has won an additional £100,000 worth of business through its work with the UKCCM team.

    Technical sales director,
    Chris Pitt, said: “Through our link to the UKCCM site we have a more prominent presence on the net. Over the past two years, since using its services, we have seen a significant increase in new enquiries through our website. It is also an excellent market research tool and keeps us up to date on important issues in the industry.”

    Project Consultant, Mark Swift, said: “The internet is a valuable marketing tool when used effectively. By providing a professional platform for the area’s companies to showcase their abilities, we have raised the profile of the region’s manufacturing on a large scale – resulting in a huge amount of new business for individual companies such as
    Edwards Precision Engineering Ltd. The industry is so wide-ranging, from providing components for aircraft to designing tailor-made machines to produce specialist parts, it can often be difficult for purchasers to find exactly what they are looking for."

    Set up as part of
    Warwick University’s Manufacturing Group with European Regional Development Funding, UKCCM not only gives companies access to global business opportunities, it assists in forging trusted partnerships and managing projects online.


    UKCCM beats the other directories in the Google Ranking Race!

    Eageldale and S W Joinery had limited internet exposure besides the general business directories. UKCCM completed a Competency Profile and once published to our portal, a search on Google found their profiles ranked highly on Google’s first page, compared to the other directories.

    A UKCCM profile is a very detailed description of a company’s key processes and skills as well as the usual contact information listed in the other directories. This means buyers searching for particular products and services can see at a glance a company’s capability, size, reference customers and how they like to conduct business.

    This has provided a really focused exposure for Eagledale and SW Joinery and they have already picked up enquiries, which illustrates the immediate benefits of a profile listed in the UKCCM directory.



    A New Company Gets New Business

    A & M EDM is a Midlands based wire and spark erosion company. As a young company they focused on their local market but quickly came to realise that the advantages of technology brought greater accessibility irrespective of where their customers were physically situated

    As a result of this Mark Wingfield from A & M EDM contacted the West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace to see how we could support the company. After an initial meeting we completed a Competency Profile and within 2 weeks of A & M EDM’s profile being published on UKCCM, Mark contacted us to say they had secured £11,000 of new business as a direct result of a google search displaying their profile. Mark is currently working with UKCCM to further enhance A & M EDM’s online presence.

    Contact: [email protected], 02476524289, UKCCM, University of Warwick, Coventry, West Midlands, UK, CV4 7AL