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Crondal Road,
Bayton Road, Exhall,
Coventry CV7 9NH.

T: (024)76365324,
[email protected]

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Edgwick Sheetmetal - Sheet Metal Fabrications & Components

Edgwick SheetMetals
Edgwick Sheet Metals have a long established reputation for high quality sheet metal work. We have recently moved to brand new premises in the northern area of Coventry and are ideally placed for easy access to the national motorway network. We are also superbly located to serve the industrial West Midlands.

We employ some of the latest machinery techniques for both manufacture and inspection, and pride ourselves on our ability to tackle the difficult work often to standards normally associated with machinery tolerances, as well as being competitive for the normal requirements.


Parts for folk lift Truck Industry

No job is too large or small for Edwick Sheet Metal. Our reputation is based on our versatility and our ability to handle demanding materials tasks as well as straight forward ones.

We are very experienced in mild steel work but also undertake any non ferrous work, particularly in aluminium and stainless steel.
If you have a need for sheet metal work contact Edgwick, Coventry 365324 and speak to David Vickers or Nick Palmer.

Plant List
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SAL-tech PVCu Welding Machines


Edgwick Sheetmetals' Capacity & Plant List

Edgwick SheetMetals
Machine Capacity
1 Edwards N.C. Guillotine 3m x 6.5mm thick plate
1 Iron Worker Type BW3 25 ton, plate,
  3" x 3" x 5/16 angle iron
  Notch ¼" thick plate
1 2 Spindle Drill 1" Dia.
1 4 Spindle Drill ½" Dia.
3 Hole Tapping Machines 0-¾"
Various Unit Punch Tooling Round holes, slots, vees,
  Square notches etc.
2 Oxyacetylene Sets Flame cutting
2 Belt Sander 4" x 36" Belt
1 Hilshear 10 SWG Plate
1 Pullmax P. 9 Cut 5/16 Plate
  Nibble 3/16 Plate
1 Thomas Universal Cold Saw 3" Dia. Bar
1 Delopena (Deburring M/C) ¼"-3" Dia.
1 Shape 35 CNC Punching M/C 20 tonnes
Machine Capacity
1 Beyler N.C. Press Brake P.75 75 Tonne x 3100 MM plus
  Comprehensive range of tooling
1 Pullmax Plateworker P.9 Joggle 3/16 Plate
  Louvre 1/8 Plate
  Edge 1/8 Plate
  Dutch Bead 16 SWG
1 Edwards Manual Folder 16 SWG x 4 Feet
1 Hillmor Pipe Bending Machine 1 " dia. X 18 SWG Tube
10 Fly Press No. 2 - No. 6
1 Edwards Manual Rollers 3" dia. x 4ft. x 14 SWG
Machine Capacity
3 E.S.A.B. Type A9 200 Amps
1 E.S.A.B. Type LAG 315 300 Amps
1 Cytringan Arc Welder 250 Amps, Double Operator
1 Miller Type 320 A/BP Argon Arc 200 Amps
1 Holden & Hunt Spotwelder 15 K.V.A
2 Oxyacetylene Sets Gas Welding, Brazing

About Edgwick Sheetmetals Ltd
Map & Contact Details
SAL-tech Range of PVCu Welding Machines


Contact Edgwick Sheetmetals - Map & Information

Edgwick SheetMetals

About Edgwick | Plant List
SALtech Range of PVCu Welding Machines

Crondal Road, Bayton Road, Exhall, Coventry
CV7 9NH.
Telephone: (024)76365324,
E-mail: [email protected]

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