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Westley Engineering.

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Westley Engineering Limited
120 Pritchett Street
B6 4EH

Telephone: 0044 (0)121 333 1925
Facsimile: 0044 (0)121 333 1926

Westley Engineering Precision Pressings and Tooling
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Pressings Gallery



Pressings Gallery
Tooling Gallery 

Westley Engineering’s presswork includes multi-stage progression work, secondary operation presswork including riveting, studding, tapping, drilling, robotic welding and assembly work. This gallery shows a selection of components produced in our press shop for a wide range of industries. You can also view examples of tooling designed and manufactured by the company. Quality tooling is essential to meet productivity levels required in today’s market. Our aim is to provide a total solutions package for our customers from design and manufacture of press tooling, through to fully approved precision pressed components and assemblies which are right first time, every time.

Tooling Gallery
Pressings Gallery


To view this gallery on the Westley Engineering web site, the follow the link below and click on Pressings Gallery.
Westley Engineering Precision Pressings and Tooling

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Westley Engineering's Catalogue of Capabilities on WMCCM

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+ Electronic product pressings
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Westley Engineering's Catalogue of Capabilities on WMCCM
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About Westley Engineering



With over 50 years’ experience in toolmaking, Westley Engineering has become one of the country’s most respected press tool companies and a major contractor in the pressings industry. Our roots were originally in gunmaking, where technical innovation, attention to detail, quality control, and a recognition of the customer’s needs, built a world-wide reputation for excellence.


Today, the Company combines these traditional values with the most advanced technology, rigorous quality control and meticulously applied monitoring and management systems to provide its customers with press tooling and manufactured components that are unsurpassed in their accuracy and quality.

To see the Westley Engineering Site with full graphics and features follow the link below.
Westley Engineering Precision Pressings and Tooling

The history of Westley Engineering Limited

A History of Innovation with the Finest Quality

The firm of Westley Richards & Co. was founded in 1812 by William Westley Richards, an engineer who specialised in the development and manufacture of firearms for both sporting and military use. The quality of weapons produced by Westley Richards was quickly recognised internationally and the company to this day stands amongst the most respected makers of bespoke sporting guns in the world. The company holds many patents on firearm and cartridge development as well as Warrants from many ruling families from around the world.


During the war years of the 1940’s the company’s skills were turned to the war effort with an emphasis on producing machinings and components for military use. It was after the war with demand for bespoke sporting firearms virtually negligible that the company turned its focus to producing press tooling for industry.


In 1956 the Clode family purchased the company and continue to hold the full shareholding of the group of companies. Since then the business has been run with two distinct operations; bespoke gunmaking and toolmaking. Up until 1998 both areas of the business traded under the company name of Westley Richards & Co. Ltd. and succeeded in gaining an enviable reputation for their respective products.


In 1998 it was decided to formally split the two areas  of the company’s interest and rebrand the engineering arm as Westley Engineering. At the same time two adjacent factories were purchased to provide an additional 12,500 sq. ft. of floor space. The company now occupies a site in excess of one acre and the premises providing a total of 28,000 sq. ft. of factory, workshop and office space.

To see the Westley Engineering Site with full graphics and features follow the link below.
Westley Engineering Precision Pressings and Tooling

Westley Engineering Company Structure

Company structure


The structure of the company has now been organised into three separate trading companies:


Westley Richards Holdings Ltd.

Established 1996

Owns all freehold property at Grange Road.

Owns intellectual rights to the Westley Richards trading name, the associated historical ledgers, patents and warrants.


Westley Richards & Co. Ltd.

Established 1812

Gunmakers and dealers in sporting guns and associated products.

Annual turnover – UK £1.2m  USA $2.7m


Westley Engineering Ltd.

Established 1998 (trading since 1949 under Westley Richards & Co. Ltd.)

Toolmakers and Pressworkers

Annual turnover – Tooling £700,000  Pressings £1.7m

To see the Westley Engineering Site with full graphics and features follow the link below.
Westley Engineering Precision Pressings and Tooling


Westley Engineering's Committment to Quality

In modern industry, quality is not an add-on or an option: it is a fundamental strategy that underlies every aspect of business. Westley Engineering has always given the highest priority to producing tools and components of the highest measurable accuracy and consistency – our use of modern techniques including FMEA, PPAP, MSA and SPC ensure that every tool or batch of components that we make is precisely to specification and within the required tolerance.



As well as having BS EN ISO 9001:2000 approval, we are also certified to ISO/TS16949 – second edition, the worldwide standard for the automotive industry, which not only covers all aspects of ISO 9001, but goes much further. Technical quality is just one aspect of our Total Quality regime.  To achieve this, we put every facet of our business under constant scrutiny, we constantly measure and monitor our manufacturing operations and we work closely with our customers to ensure that our performance is consistent with the needs of their businesses.


One of the most important commitments undertaken by Westley Engineering is to the discipline of Advance Quality Planning (AQP). This regime is based on the involvement of key personnel, from senior management to machine operators, at every stage of a project. Input and consultation begins at the feasibility stage and continues through planning, design, timing, manufacture and inspection, to completion. At every stage, quality is given the highest priority and the resolution of quality issues is not just the responsibility of management but involves all levels and uses the knowledge and skills of the operators to achieve total satisfaction for the customer. Every aspect of the AQP process is fully documented and executed under the management of an appointed project leader.

To see the Westley Engineering Site with full graphics and features follow the link below.
Westley Engineering Precision Pressings and Tooling

Pressings & Press Tools Capabilities

Our Capabilities


Westley Engineering offers a full range of tool-making and pressing services for more than a dozen different industries who depend on our accuracy, speed and reliability with manufacturing flexibility, to meet the demands for precision pressed components and assemblies, as cost effectively as possible.


Production presses range from 20 to 160 tonnes capacity and include high speed Bruderer, Chin Fong and HME machines, enabling the widest range of products to be pressed.



Contract Pressings


Whether your requirements are for high or low volumes, for complex or simple components, Westley Engineering is ready to meet them. Our press shop is equipped with pressing capacity up to 160 tonnes and, as well as pressing, can provide a variety of additional operations including tapping, reaming, robotic welding and assembly.


Our pressing operations are fully computerised, which means that every stage of the production process is fully planned, from scheduling of materials, work in progress, despatch, spares, stock control and invoicing. This means that we can give accurate answers to our customers’ queries literally in seconds – the current state of progress, date of despatch, current stocks of material and historical information about previous jobs.


As you would expect, our vast experience as a press tool manufacturer, gives us a considerable advantage when it comes to pressing components accurately and efficiently. Not only can we provide the tooling for a component if it is required, we can also employ customers’ own tooling, using our expertise to gain maximum efficiency and service life from them.

To see the Westley Engineering Site with full graphics and features follow the link below.
Westley Engineering Precision Pressings and Tooling


Press Tools


Westley Engineering has established a reputation for designing and manufacturing press tooling of exceptional quality. However, it is not just the exemplary manufacturing standards that distinguish our products – it is the careful thought and expert knowledge, coupled with a creative approach to problem-solving that distinguish our tooling. Whether we are designing a new tool, modifying an existing one, or just servicing a tool, our aim is to improve its efficiency and performance, increasing our customers’ productivity, reducing wastage and downtime, and improving the quality of their finished products.


Many of our clients have found that, by involving Westley Engineering’s tool designers at the earliest possible stage, it is often possible to reduce the number of operations, increase the length of production runs, and reduce service and maintenance costs. The same applies to existing tooling: our qualified engineers can often identify from drawings or samples ways of making significant improvements to the tools performance, either through modification or expert servicing. At all stages we provide total transparency – it’s just like having an in-house tool room, but arguably more efficient and cost-effective.



Our services include:


• Design and manufacture of press tools (including development and de-bugging)


• Multi-stage progression tools and/or single/secondary operation tooling


• Servicing/modification of tooling


• Pressings – ferrous and non-ferrous materials, low/medium and high volumes undertaken (presses from 20 tonnes up to 160 tonnes)

To see the Westley Engineering Site with full graphics and features follow the link below.
Westley Engineering Precision Pressings and Tooling

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