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Knight Industries - Knowledge Based Services

Knight Industries - Polymer Additives & Engineering


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Knight Industries offers comprehensive knowledge-based services to
companies across the polymer industry, and those involved with NVQ work-
based training. Clients can benefit from research and development, materials
analysis and sourcing, and a network of partnerships, giving access to high
levels of commercial and academic expertise. Our core activity can be defined as


    Researching additives and materials for use in industrial projects,
    assessing and report on the effectiveness / performance of these
    materials, and establish supplies to meet budgets and time scales.
    Identifying our clients’ desired product specifications, and mould
    specified materials using selected processes to determine product
    viability and best process to meet objectives


    This is aimed at the more frequent buyer and led to increased service
    levels by consolidation of supplier contact, and sourcing materials to
    specification with the implementation of blanket orders and working to
    just-in-time policies, saving money by reduced stock control, and
    purchasing more competitively priced materials

    We help suppliers develop and maintain their existing customer
    relationships, as well as seek new  business. We assess and
    meet clients’ requirements by managing full cycle from specification
    to product approval, and supply to production orders.

    We formally assess the skills and competence of staff employed
    in a range of manufacturing, business administration and customer
    service roles via colleges of further education, helping candidates
    to build confidence and understand their own skills, by building
    portfolios of evidence that directly relate to daily work activity
    and meet NVQ National Standards.
    This role is actively being
    developed to include internal verification and key auditing aspects that
    meet the Standards associated with NVQ work-based training.

Knight Industries

Company overview
Knight Industries is a specialist consultancy with expertise in
polymer technology and applications, covering the UK and
Western Europe. We specialise in pigments and colour
masterbatch additive enabling our clients to rapidly introduce
creative product solutions.

Customer-focused and providing technical support, we determine
our clients' materials requirements and suggest, as appropriate,
alternative materials to achieve cost effective, competitive and
high quality products. The materials are sourced to specification
from 'tier 1 and 2' suppliers. Maintaining close, effective
client contact we identify significant market trends and
research new opportunities to achieve business growth,
and to add value.

Recent successes include advising an OEM on suitable
masterbatches to develop a health and safety product for the
petrochemicals industry, helping another with materials selection
for an electrical application, and advising the impact of a
particular pigment on the properties of certain base materials
for an organisation involved with research and development.

Our experience in our core activity has led us to introduce the
additional service of formally assessing and developing the
technical skills and competence of staff employed in a
range of manufacturing and business management activities
in accordance with National Standards.


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Knight Industries
10 Cremorne Road,
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B75 5AH  UK.
t: +44 (0) 121 3088141
e: [email protected]

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