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Metal & Spring Pressings
Electrical Components
Locks, Handles and Door Furniture
Automotive Parts to QS9000
Coins and Gaming Tokens
Bracketry - Brackets & Fixtures
Lighting and Heating Components
High-speed Raster
& Bihler Presses

Single-operation Presses
- 6 to 122 tons

Heenan & Froude multi forms
S1½ and S¾

Servo & Coil-fed Presses
up to 100 Tons

Insert & Overmoulding Presses
Press Brakes & Folding
up to 100 Tons

Fly & hand presses
Quality QS9000 & ISO-9002
Tool Manufacture
Product Design
Tool Design
Painting, Plating and
Surface Treatment

A Range of Materials
Rapid Response

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3 Malthouse Road
West Midlands

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Precision Pressings in Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Materials

Company Information Contact Details Location Map
Scroling phone number 0121 520 2345 Threeway logo

We make ....

Spring Pressings
Metal and Spring Pressings

At Threeway we manufacture an extensive range of pressings from a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. CS 70 spring steel is manipulated on our multi - form machinery producing a variety of spring pressings for all types of industries.

Our machines are capable of forming metal up to 5 mm thick which can then be heat treated, painted or plated to enhance product durability and appearance

Electrical assembly
Electrical Components

Amongst others, we manufacture an extensive range of :

  • Brass Tabs
  • 6.3 Connectors
  • 4.8 Connectors
  • Terminal Connectors
  • Brass and Nickel Splices
  • Contact Washers
  • Courtesy Switches
  • Socket Locators
  • Flat And Angled Terminals
  • Terminal Strips
  • Solder Tags
    made from a range of materials which includes brass, nickel, phosphor bronze, copper, etc.
  • Locks & Handles
    Locks & Handles

    Threeway Pressings Ltd. manufacture an extensive range of pressed metal components for lock and window manufacturers. These parts are designed to be used in the following :-

    • UPVC Doors and Windows
    • Wooden Frames
    • Aluminium Windows and Doors
    • Louvre Windows
    • Many other similar applications

    A variety of materials is utilised to combat all weather conditions. Many of our products are manufactured to European Fire and Safety standards, whilst retaining maximum strength and security.

    Vauxhall Vectra
    Automotive Parts

    Through building long term working partnerships with our customers, Threeway Pressings has demonstrated a clear understanding of first and second tier suppliers' requirements by providing a quality service that exceeds expectation.

    Successful total project management has generated many opportunities to fulfil customers' requirements in the world's automotive trade i.e. :- Ford, Porsche, Maserati, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Vauxhall, Toyota, Volvo.

    All automotive products are manufactured to QS9000 and ISO 9002/2000

    Coins & Gaming Tokens

    Threeway Pressings have invested in high speed blanking presses which are ideally suited to the manufacture of tokens and coins in various types of metal. We can offer a service which includes SPC data sheets with each consignment if requested.


    Threeway Pressings Ltd. run automatic and single action presses which have the capability to produce bracketry for :

    • The DIY trade
    • The Automotive Industry
    • Furniture Manufacturers
    • Safety Door Manufacturers
    • The Leisure Industry
    • Bed Manufacturers
    • Kitchen Manufacturers

    Existing customers include many everyday household names.

    We can produce parts in various types of metal, which may then go on to be surface finished to your specification and requirement.

    Carriage Lamp

    Lighting & Heating Components

    At Threeway Pressings Ltd. we specialise in the manufacture of spring clips, fasteners and bracketry to the world's lighting and heating companies. Many of our products are designed specifically to solve our customers' fastening, clipping, or hanging problems. Working alongside our customers, we have produced and patented many fastening devices providing competitive, labour saving sales advantages






    We use ....

    Bihler x110
    High-speed Raster & Bihler Presses

    Threeway Pressings specialise in the running of high speed Raster and Bihler power presses.

    We have a selection of presses from 20 tonnes up to 100 tonnes capable of speeds between 100 and 1100 strokes per minute.

    Each machine is fitted with either single or twin roll feeders, automatically supplying the tool with stock material up to 3 mm thick and 400 mm wide.

    Single Action Press

    Single-operation Presses from 6 to 122 Tons

    The company has substantial facilities for producing most types of single operation presswork.

    We utilise 45 power presses from 6 tonnes up to 120 tonnes, with or without die-cushions


    Heenan & Froude Press
    Heenan & Froude multi forms S1½ and S¾

    We have extensive knowledge of piercing, bending, and forming a variety of materials on our automatic multi-form machines, Heenan S1½ and S¾.

    These machines are capable of producing parts that would not normally be able to be made on press tools due to the complexity of the component shape.

    Our production methods offer substantial cost savings, as the process removes the need for any additional operations.


    Stanco 40T Press
    Servo & Coil-fed Presses up to 100 Tons

    Our presses are fitted with the latest servo driven coil feeders, These are capable of moving stock 400 mm wide x 3 mm thick with an accuracy of 0.l mm.

    The rolls can pitch in any increment from 0.5 mm to 999 mm.



    Insert & Overmoulding Presses

    At Threeway Pressings we offer the facility to overmould plastic around metal.

    This process is undertaken in house, combining our metal pressing skills with insert moulding


    Promecam Press Brake
    Press Brakes & Folding up to 100 Tons

    We have various press brakes, both hydraulic and mechanical, from 35 tonnes to 100 tonnes, with a bed length of 4 metres.

     The hydraulic machines are predominantly used for forming metal sheet up to 2 mm thick, whilst the mechanical presses are available for piercing and forming work.


    Fly Press
    Fly & hand presses

    Although a rapidly reducing facility in today's automated manufacturing company, Threeway Pressings Ltd. still retain a good selection of hand operated machines.

    However, wherever possible we will endeavour to change old fashioned manufacturing methods into automatic production, thus retaining customers margins.


















    We offer....

    Quality Logo

    Threeway Pressings has held ISO 9002 for many years, and in December 2001 we acquired QS 9000, an internationally recognised quality standard designed specifically for the Automotive Industry. We offer a full P.P.A.P. submission with all automotive projects. We hold Green status on all of our automotive customers' supplier performance reports, with a philosophy aimed at zero defects.

    Custom Progression Tool
    Tool Manufacture

    Multi-stage progression and single-action tools producing top quality metal components are Threeway Pressings' speciality. Tools are designed and maintained in house by specialist toolmakers. Larger projects are undertaken by approved toolmakers ensuring that first class tools are completed on time to exacting standards, prolonging life and durability of the tool. 

    Design station
    Product Design

    We normally work from customers' drawings. However, we frequently advise on component designs and material selection to ensure that the part is suitable for the customer's application, whilst minimising tooling and production.
    Threeway Pressings' expertise covers every aspect of design and production required for the manufacture of high quality pressings.

    We can work from your component drawings, or we will develop your basic concepts into effective designs in our development department. We are able to work closely with you from the initial stages of new product development, to help you bring your ideas to the marketplace with speed, quality and cost-effectiveness.

    Our design and tooling development engineer with the use of CAD/CAM, ensure cost effective tooling for progression power presses.

    CAD Station
    Tool Design

    We have an in-depth knowledge of product design and press tooling. Our service includes advice on the most cost effective methods of manufacture. We build complex multi-stage progession tools as well as more conventional tools.

    Whenever possible we involve our engineers at the start of the project costing stage. They can then assist in all technical aspects through to project completion.

    Painted & Plated Parts
    Painting, Plating and Surface Treatment

    We have an approved list of sub-contract surface treatment suppliers, all of which operate an ISO 9002 Quality System, and environmentally friendly working practices. Most of our sub-contract surface suppliers offer a 24-hour turnaround service.

      Processes include :

    • Heat Treatment
    • Austempering
    • Case Hardening
    • All types of Zinc Plating
    • Bright Nickel Plating
    • Tin Plating
    • Powder Coatings - Colour matched to any specification
    • Electrocoat
    kanban stockholding
    A Range of Materials

    At Threeway Pressings, we manufacture parts from a huge range of materials, including :

    • Mild Steel (CR1 to CR4)
    • Mild Steel (Pickled and Oiled)
    • Carbon Steel CS50 to CS70
    • Hot Rolled Steel
    • Nickel Coated Steel
    • Aluminium
    • Brass
    • Copper
    • Phosphor Bronze
    • Zintec
    • Beryllium Copper

    Facilities exist to hold Kanban stocks of raw material and finished parts to alleviate supply chain disruption.

    Rapid Response
    Rapid Response

    We respond to all enquiries immediately. Our aim is to give a prompt and efficient service. For simple tools, samples are normally available within 2 weeks. Complex multi-cavity tools may take a little longer, although if needed urgently, we will do our best to help you.

    Delivery of parts is normally by our own transport, ensuring a prompt, friendly service. All major motorways are within easy access of our centrally located manufacturing base.

    For immediate attention, Click Here to go to our Contacts page

    Company Information Contact Details Location Map